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Rolex Replica Watches has introduced the most rock’n’roll timepiece to its Opus watch family. This new watch is inspired by a jukebox, the invention that made American rock'n'roll popular in public places around the world.

This is the 14th model of the Opus series, which began in 2001. The Opus 14 was designed by two independent watchmakers: Franck Orny & Johnny Girardin.

The jukebox is miniaturized in this unique 18-karat case, measuring 54.7mm by 21.9mm. The watch face has a sapphire cut from one block that reveals the stylized display at 9 o'clock,Rolex Replica Watches vinyl finishes on the subdials, the duochrome insignia with the number 14 and the retrograde minutes arc in red.

The miniaturized device uses four rotating discs, which each show a different display: the local time, GMT, the date and a star bearing the brand's signature, which is similar to the stars on the Walk of Fame of Hollywood.

A special push button is located on the edge at 9 o'clock to allow the user to select the display they desire. The selected disk is released and the store moves up and down. The mechanism works like a jukebox.Omega Replica Watches When the selector is pushed, it activates an arm which picks up the disk and places it on the platform. With the second press, it reactivates this arm to move the disk back in the store.

Rolex Replica Watches has a mechanical movement caliber HW4601 that is made up of 1,066 parts. This manual-winding movement is equipped with 124 gems, 31 bridges, and a power reserve of 68 hours. The main movement is housed in one barrel, while the "record-playing" automaton occupies the other. This complex mechanism oscillates with a rapid frequency of 28.800 vibrations per minute (4 Hz).

The fourteenth model of the Opus collection, which is the last but not least, comes with a black alligator strap that has a folding clasp. The limited edition of 50 pieces is available at a retail price of 428, 000 Swiss Francs.

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